Joel works from photographs – the larger, more up-to-date, the better.  Please, no old shots from years ago, taken amid 20 other people.  You know what works best – the type of pictures that are professionally taken at school, or as a “glamour” shot from the mall, or simply taken by an amateur…as long as it’s clear and close up.

You may send the photo(s) to him by postal mail, in which case the photo will be returned along with the art – the postage fee will be added to the price.

Or you may e-mail the photos to Joel here!

You’ll be asked for information on the person(s) to be caricatured: for instance, hair and eye color, profession, hobbies or other interests, etc.  Feel free, as well, to suggest the “scene” to be drawn.

Please allow for ten days delivery time from the day the photos are first received.  And  one-half the fee amount is required as deposit to begin the project.

Contact Information

Phone: 704-846-4835
Cell:    704-575-8850
Email: Contact Joel

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