Liquid Ice

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Introducing a unique component to the metal-cutting process, a clear, cool and odorless lubricant whose aforementioned properties distinguish it from older, more traditional lubricants…which operate in just the opposite fashion. Vis-à-vis other trade publication advertisers in this genre who tend to subscribe to the “more is better” way of advertising – heavy on the machine and hardware visuals – JDK Marketing took a more subdued approach. An unusual iconic image that conjures up notions of a “clear, clean, odorless liquid” represents Liquid Ice in a dramatic way. Inquiries following this ad resulted in an immediate, major distribution of the product.


Manufacturers of, and/or with use for, metal-cutting machines, drills and lathes. (See Precision Machine Tools client.)


Also served in 55-gallon drums.


Introducing the clearest, coldest, most refreshing stimulus to your workday since the liquid lunch.

And it’s not even alcoholic.

It’s Liquid Ice 4000, a synthetic, water based coolant and lubricant for the metalworking industry. Even while temperatures are heating up in the machine, your cutting tools and adjacent surfaces remain cool.

In addition to being alcohol free, Liquid Ice 4000 is non-toxic; it leaves no sticky residues, no smell, no bacteria buildup, no harmful fumes.

And because it’s low foaming and crystal clear in appearance and application, it allows for greater visibility when monitoring your cutting and drilling operations.

Liquid Ice 4000 is made in the USA and distributed by Liquid Ice Corporation. Dealer inquiries are welcomed.

Call 1-800-472-5568 for a free “round” on us.

Sorry, olive not included.

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